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People managementEmployee wellbeing


The physical and psychological health of workers is a key priority for IBA. In 2015–16, the Workplace Harassment Contact Officers Network was established to help IBA respond to concerns where staff believe they may have been bullied and harassed. The contact officers were chosen to reflect the diversity and geographic spread of IBA and received relevant training before taking up their new roles.

IBA’s commitment to employee wellbeing was also demonstrated through the development of a strategy and action plan for promoting mental health and preventing psychological injury.

Seven injuries were reported during 2015–16; five resulted in claims for workers compensation being lodged. One of the claims was accepted by the insurer as being work related, three were not accepted and another is yet to be determined. There were no notifiable incidents during the year. There was one investigation completed during the year with no adverse findings.

The Health and Safety Committee met on four occasions in 2015–16. IBA’s health and safety policy and management arrangements were fully revised and updated, with particular emphasis on consultation provisions.

IBA staff and their families continued to find the employee assistance arrangements provided by Optum to be useful in dealing with personal and work-related issues.


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