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IBA will work to increase Indigenous staff throughout the entity with particular focus on senior levels through a new executive Indigenous program. The initiative was created in collaboration with the Australian Government to roll out within both IBA and the Indigenous Land Corporation.

The Indigenous Employment Strategy 2014–16 enjoys strong support and provides a solid strategic foundation for action in areas for improvement, such as measuring performance, enhancing and leveraging existing entry-level Indigenous employment programs, and developing our staff.

Building on achievements in 2015–16, our efforts will focus on:

  • developing the cultural capability framework and embedding it in our approaches to attraction, recruitment, development and performance management, to ultimately create an even more culturally diverse, capable and supportive organisation
  • increasing the employment of Indigenous staff at all levels
  • further promoting initiatives to support the psychological health and wellbeing of staff to ensure that they remain resilient in IBA’s ever-changing business environment
  • working to put in place a shared services framework for efficient and effective use of resources with the Indigenous Land Corporation
  • developing a new RAP.
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