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IBA is committed to strong representation of Indigenous staff at all levels of the organisation. In 2014–15, Indigenous Australians made up 24 per cent of our workforce.

IBA’s Reconciliation Action Plan helps to strengthen our relationships with our customers, and emphasises the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships with our Indigenous employees. For more information see our plan.

24 per cent of our staff identify themselves as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent

A significant initiative signalling IBA’s intent to build such relationships was the adoption in late 2014 of a new Indigenous Employment Strategy. In addition to increasing entry level employment through engagement of graduates, interns and trainees, the strategy promotes the retention of Indigenous staff through targeted development and support initiatives such as mentoring and buddy programs and leadership training.

The Indigenous Employment Strategy is complemented by IBA’s Cultural Engagement and Education Framework, which is aimed at building and maintaining an inclusive workplace that attracts a diversity of staff to join, perform, develop and stay with IBA. Under the Cultural Engagement and Education Framework in 2014–15:

  • all new staff received cultural awareness training
  • 28 staff participated in volunteering activities
  • a delegation of senior leaders and other staff attended Garma Festival, Australia’s most significant Indigenous event
  • a growing number of staff participated in secondments to other organisations to build their capabilities, including cultural capabilities
  • one staff member was sponsored to participate in the Jawun program, which provides an intensive six week cultural immersion experience with an Indigenous community based organisation.

The Galambany Staff Network (formerly the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff Network) gives Indigenous staff mutual support and a collective voice on important organisational issues. The network held its fourth annual conference in May 2015). Very constructive conversations were held on topics such as cultural capability and career development.


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