Indigenous Business Australia Recycles 5-Star Resort

Indigenous Business Australia Recycles 5-Star Resort

Posted 10 May 2010

In what is arguably the greatest example of recycling in Australian Tourism, core buildings and infrastructure from the 5-star resort Wrotham Park Station Lodge in Central Far North
Queensland are being recycled in the construction of Wildman Wilderness Lodge in the Northern Territory.

Following the purchase of Wrotham Park in November 2009, Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) moved a team of builders onto the site and dismantled the entire resort infrastructure down to the fixtures and fittings in 28 days.

The cabin structures, verandas and awnings, the central lodge with bar and restaurant facility, staff accommodation units, power generators, water and sewage treatments systems and key electrical infrastructure were dismantled and transported to the new location.

Indigenous Business Australia recycles 5 star resort (PDF 103KB, new window)