Launch video available on IBA Impact Report

Launch video available on IBA Impact Report

Posted 12 February 2021

On Monday 8 February 2021, IBA launched our inaugural Impact Report. The recording of the 45-minute event is now available.

This session was facilitated by Sean Armistead with the Minister for Indigenous Australians, Dr Kevin Dolman, Prof Shez Cairney, and IBA Board Director Rosemary Addis. A special yidaki/didge performance opened the session (removed on the video due to copyright reasons) and Acknowledgement of Country was done by Australian Aboriginal Artist - Lewis Burns.

The session discussed IBA's journey to understand the economic, cultural and social impacts our products and services have on our customers. We couldn’t have done this without the participation of over 1,200 customers in this ground-breaking research and it’s just the beginning of our work to understand the impacts that can be made with investment in Indigenous people.

Minister Wyatt shed some light on the impact and performance of IBA:

I like the aspect of the ripples effect – when we consider all elements of what IBA does – it doesn’t just sit with the person you help. The ripple effect is the example of opportunity that is created that others see and then say, ‘if they’ve done that, I can do it.’”

IBA board member Rosemary Addis looked at the broader context of changes we’re seeing globally, and why this impact report is important and timely, not only within the communities we work in, but more broadly about how it can inform future decision making:

“I’m hopeful we can use this process and the data from not only this report but the ongoing processes being led within the organisation to reimagine the role that we can play…and walk with the communities that we serve in ways that we be increasingly catalytic in building the possibilities for the future.”

Watch the video below or access the report.