#RealTalkHour - Passion for Fashion

#RealTalkHour - Passion for Fashion

Posted 02 July 2021

Did you miss our #RealTalkHour – Passion for Fashion event?

Following a historic Australian Fashion Week for First Nations people, our host Nathan McGuire yarned with leading Aboriginal fashion designers and models Felicia Foxx, Liandra Gaykamangu, Samantha Harris and Corina Muir about their experiences and learnings in the industry and their vision for the future of First Nations fashion.

Samantha Harris

“It was so much more than your typical runway – there were singers, there were dancers, there was a performance and thousands and thousands of years of culture. It’s so much more than a pretty dress walking down the runway. It’s history, there’s meaning behind it all.”

Corina Muir, Amber Days

“Everyday I get to work within my values, I’m able to make my business to the way it fits me, I’m not having to jeopardise my culture whilst doing that. I really feel like the space is changing and we’re not just fitting into that space – we’re coming in as us and holding our own space.”

Felicia Foxx

“I don’t just see myself as an entertainer, or just someone who is navigating through these places being a drag Queen, an entertainer or an artist. I see myself as carrying on from what our ancestors have done, telling us stories through art, through expression.”

Liandra Gaykamangu, Liandra Swim

"If you’re wanting to start a label, it’s a business as well. You need to get those skills in business. My biggest piece of advice is not wanting to be an overnight success because by taking your time it allows you to put the logistics in place that you need to be a sustainable business, not just a one hit wonder. I spent 12 months doing a business accelerator with IBA. I learnt so much and I was so grateful for that experience because it really helped me build a strong foundation."

Watch the full discussion on our YouTube channel here.