IBA and Black Magic Woman Podcast Partnership Series

IBA and Black Magic Woman Podcast Partnership Series

Posted 27 August 2021

Stuck inside at the moment? Why not catch up on our podcast partnership series!

IBA have partnered with the Black Magic Woman Podcast to bring you a series of episodes that will be based on a variety of topics including housing, business, youth, women, investing, financial literacy, economic development and COVID-19 recovery.

So far Black Magic Woman host Mundanara Bayles has had deadly yarns with Kantesha Takai, Isaac Harrison, Simon Thornalley and Lynda Maybanks on their personal stories, home ownership, business, visions for the future, NAIDOC and more.

We’ll be releasing a new episode each month, so keep an eye out on our socials for the next one!

Kantesha Takai – Lola Digital

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Kantesha is from the Torres Strait and is the heart and soul behind Lola Digital; a boutique creative and content agency based on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait, that provides tailored marketing strategies and support to government, corporations, NGO's and small business.

Kantesha shares her experiences with IBA from buying her first home, to how IBA supported her through her business journey. We also yarn about her experiences and learnings from the IBA programs Kantesha participated in and how it inspired her to create economic development opportunities in her community. An amazing yarn to kick off the IBA and Black Magic Woman Podcast partnership series!

"I grew up on an island without any electricity or running water. To do my assignments at night, it was either get it done before the genny goes off or do it by using a torch. If I can do it, anybody can!" - Kantesha Takai, Lola Digital

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Simon Thornalley – Saltwater Eco Tours

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Simon is from the Torres Strait and is the founder/operator of Saltwater Eco Tours, a sailing tours business operating on the waters of the Mooloolah river on the Sunshine Coast.

Launched in 2020, Saltwater eco tours is a unique and authentic experience on board a historical timber sailing vessel, in the traditional waters of the Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi people.

Simon was introduced to his sailing lifestyle at a young age by his parents who were world class sailors and environmentalists themselves. He used his knowledge and passion to create a vision that was to establish an eco-tourism sailing experience that would inspire a deeper connection to Indigenous culture and the ocean.

Simon yarns about his business journey so far and the support IBA have provided him along the way. A deadly yarn! A must listen for mob thinking of starting in business. A truly great insight into what IBA can offer you in terms of business support.

"IBA supported us the whole way through the development procedure and the outcome was, we got a start up finance package with IBA." - Simon Thornalley, Saltwater Eco Tours

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Isaac Harrison - Entrepreneur 

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Mundanara yarns with Kabi Kabi and Birri man, Isaac Harrison about his 50 year vision for the Indigenous business sector.

Isaac is an Indigenous entrepreneur with a background in renewables and marketing. Since founding and successfully exiting Bunjil Energy in Melbourne, he now resides on his Grandfathers land here on Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi Country, QLD.

Isaac now spends his time consulting to other businesses and occasionally dropping an episode here and there on his podcast Deadly Discussions. In addition to this, Isaac plays Yidaki for a house band called Rivertribe. You can find the podcast and the band on Spotify.

With business interests all up the East Coast, Isaac is always on the move. When not busy working, he spends his time with his wife, and two children and their pugalier. Isaac tells us about his experience attending the inaugural IBA Futures Forum and his 50 year vision for the Indigenous business sector.

“COVID has caused the first real recession for the Indigenous business sector. But I think we’ve gone through so many trials and tribulations – we got this!” – Isaac Harrison

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Lynda Maybanks - Wirrinyah Conservation Services 

Black Magic Woman Podcast

On episode 67 of the podcast, Mundanara yarns with her fourth guest of the IBA partnership series - proud Yugara woman Lynda Maybanks, from Ipswich.

Lynda is passionate about improving social outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through reviving Yugara culture and restoring Yugara country with her business, Wirrinyah Conservation Services.

“Wirrinyah” means coming back in Yugara language. It represents the ongoing revival of Yugara ways of caring for country. Wirrinyah focuses on working with businesses, Government and landowners in Southeast Queensland to restore our natural areas, conserve our native species and protect

Aboriginal cultural heritage sites for the enjoyment of all Australians.

We find out how Wirrinyah Conservation Services came about, what role IBA played in that and how IBA supported Lynda on her business journey. A really good listen that ties in perfectly with the 2021 NAIDOC theme ‘Heal Country’.

"It wasn’t until I went on the IBA Futures Forum [that] I realised what the possibilities could be. I never really thought about business ownership as an option in my career." 

"Heal Country to me means, reconnecting with Mother Earth, reconnecting with culture, reconnecting with your ancestors. I’m a big believer that if Country is well then your people are well. It is important for you to just go out and be on Country and be where you feel like you can belong and where you can feel like you can contribute to a healthier world and a healthier future for our next generation." - Lynda Maybanks, Wirrinyah Conservation Services

A very inspirational yarn you don't want to miss!

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 Lauren Jarrett and Melissa Greenwood - Miimi & Jiinda 

On episode 69 of the podcast Mundanara has the pleasure of yarning with mother and daughter duo, Lauren Jarrett and Melissa Greenwood. Melissa and Lauren hail from the Gumbaynggirr, Dunghutti, and Bundjalung tribes of Australia’s East Coast and are the founders of the Australian art business Miimi & Jiinda.

Miimi & Jiinda's aim is to create beautiful, unique artworks that connect with the world. They are passionate about painting pieces that reflect their own personal stories and unique journeys as Indigenous women. Their creations endeavour to uplift and inspire our senses, spark conversations, and bring light to important issues. For both mother and daughter, their art has been a powerful medium for healing intergenerational trauma.

As proud Gumbaynggirr custodians, Lauren and Melissa love to share their interpretations of Country, which spring from their own personal cultural identities as Aboriginal women. During our amazing yarn, we find out how the IBA Accelerator program helped take Miimi & Jiinda to the next level and some of their valuable takeaways of completing the program. A great insight to their business and personal lives.

"Believe in yourself, stay authentic and follow your passion!" - Aunty Lauren Jarret, Miimi & Jiinda

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