'Beyond the Gap' podcast series

'Beyond the Gap' podcast series

Posted 17 November 2021

First Nations Foundation (FNF) launched a new podcast series, Beyond the Gap, to explore best practice reconciliation and Indigenous engagement for corporate Australia and beyond. The conversations investigate the influences and constructs that should be considered for Reconciliation Action Plans, and what is the best path forward to engage and empower our country’s First Nations people.

The host, Phil Usher, is a proud Wiradjuri man who grew up in the rich culture of the Gamilaroi people. He chats with a variety of guests to dig deep into our country’s history to better our future.

“There was so much out there about the need for corporate Australia to engage First Nations people, without really getting to the meat of how, and what does this even look like, and how organisations can do it meaningfully,” said Phil.

Research done by FNF along with NAB and the Centre of Social Impact in 2019 exposed the harsh truth about the personal wealth and finances of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (see Money Stories). Phil comments about the research and why he created the podcast:

“Most of our life skills are a product of what our parents can work with us on or at least someone from our family. When we don’t have that type of role model, those skills are lacking…It is time for initiatives involving reconciliation and closing any gaps to factor in the unique position of Indigenous Australians; to truly understand who we are, and to build the bridges that we all need to bring our cultures closer together.”

The Beyond the Gap series has 7 episodes already with guests including David Aitkin, Ian Hamm, Karen Mundine, and Minister Ken Wyatt.

IBA are proud to partner with FNF on their mission to better the financial wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. We support their initiatives including My Money Dream program, Tomorrow Money website and Big Super Day Out events (this last one kicking off in 2022 again once we can get back on the road).

Listen now to Beyond the Gap podcast.

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