SWSB Lunch & Learn: financial independence

SWSB Lunch & Learn: financial independence

Posted 14 June 2022

Image showing the lunch and learn speaker and details.

The next IBA Strong Women Strong Business (SWSB) Lunch & Learn session is on 7 July. These sessions take place on the first Thursday of every month where you can hear from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

This month we are exploring financial independence with Larisha Jarome, Community Engagement and Project Officer, First Nations Foundation.

A Jarowair, Wakka Wakka and Wulli Wulli woman with strong family ties to South East Queensland, Larisha grew up on Dharug Country in Western Sydney. She currently works at First Nations Foundation as the project lead for the Indigenous Women’s Financial Wellness Project. Her aim is to redress the economic injustice that First Nations people face and to empower women to achieve financial wellness and economic independence.

Upcoming topics include:

  • 7 Jul – Financial independence. Investing, retirement and wealth creation (register now)
  • 4 Aug – Using money from your first business to create the next
  • 1 Sep – Exploring alternative revenue streams
  • 6 Oct – Stepping into your personal power
  • 3 Nov – Connecting to Country for Strong Business
  • 1 Dec – Nurturing mind, body & soul.

The sessions are exclusive to our SWSB network. Please join our SWSB network via Facebook and register to attend this event.