make a public interest disclosure

IBA supports an ethical workplace culture, respects the rights of its employees, and is committed to accountability and integrity in its administration.

If a current or former staff member or contractor suspects wrongdoing, they can make a public interest disclosure (PID).

The Commonwealth Ombudsman’s website (PDF) contains a lot of guidance material, including about making a PID.

IBA has a set of Public Interest Disclosure Procedures which step out the process for making a PID.

Public interest disclosures may be made to the IBA Authorised Officer. The best contact is by email. If you prefer to speak to the Authorised Officer by telephone, please send an email with your telephone number and the Authorised Officer will arrange to call you back. You may also make a PID in writing by post. Contact details are below:

By email

By confidential post:
PID Authorised Officer
PO Box 650
Fyshwick ACT 2609