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The IBA Housing Loan planner and EOI for applying for a home loan are currently unavailable - we're working on it and will have them back up as soon as we can. Please check back in with us later. Thank you!

To find out how much you might be able to borrow, visit the IBA Housing Loan planner.

IBA housing loans are available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customers to purchase an established residential property, construct a new home, purchase land or make essential improvements to an existing home.

The amount that IBA may lend to an applicant will depend upon an applicant’s individual financial situation. It may be limited by income and other home loan affordability factors. IBA may not always provide the full amount required to purchase a home. In those circumstances, IBA may require an applicant to obtain further funding from another lender.

To determine the specific terms and conditions of each IBA housing loan, IBA must first undertake a full assessment of an applicant’s eligibility and formal Application for Loan in accordance with IBA’s Indigenous Home Ownership Program policy and procedures.


IBA does not store or collect the data or information that you enter into this Housing Loan Calculator. We invite you to read more about IBA’s Privacy Policy.