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Indigenous Investment Principles ; Into-investing workshop

The Indigenous Investment Principles Into-Investing workshop examines investment strategies, governance, reporting and accountability from a sound financial but uniquely Indigenous perspective.
Participants learn about financial investments that can grow capital and generate interest income, community expectations and how to connect the two. The workshops also focuses on the Indigenous Investment Principles which are about protecting cultural heritage, fostering economic independence, building capability, building respect in financial and other markets and managing risk.

This workshop is open to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  You do not have to be investing , or have any money to invest or be a member of a board or organisation to participate.
You should however find the workshop useful if you are a community member, emerging leader or organisation who aspires to build their financial investment knowledge for your future. CEOs, CFO’s, Directors, members, staff and advisers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations will benefit if you require support in early governance, building your organisations mandate and learning about financial investment that can grow capital.

Indigenous Investment Principles FAQ’s

Q1. Can I attend the Indigenous Investment Principle’; Into-Investing workshop if my organisation has no money to investment at this current time?
A1. Yes, the IIP Into-investing workshop are for all Indigenous organisations interested in building their own knowledge around financial investing regardless of their level of financial capabilities.
Q2. Does this workshop provide information on business support?
A2.  No,  the Into-Investing workshop is an intensive two-day financial investment workshop designed for participants to learn about financial investments that can grow capital and generate interest income.
Q3. Can I bring someone interested along on the day of the workshop?
A3. Yes, there will be a registration table present on the day to sign up non registered participants. We can invoice you for the cost of the registration fee after the workshop.
Q4. Do IBA offer group discounts for the IIP workshops?
A4. Yes, if your organisation is interested in attending and are willing to send 3 or more members we can reduce the registration fee. (Conditional)
Q5. If the preferred location of the workshop is not in my local area is there any travel assistance available?
A5. Yes, IBA can assist participants with some travel. (Conditional)

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For more information

If you would like to arrange a consultation or host a forum for your local community about the Indigenous Investment Principles, or to request more information about the workshops, phone 07 3008 8344 or email us.

Download a printable copy of the Indigenous Investment Principles (PDF 600KB, new window).