SBS NAIDOC Special: Standley Chasm/Angkerle Atwatye

SBS NAIDOC Special: Standley Chasm/Angkerle Atwatye

Posted 04 July 2022
Nova Pomare, GM at Standley Chasm

Nova Pomare, GM at Standley Chasm (Image credit: SBS/Scott Cardwell)

Through an IBA partnership with SBS Small Business Secrets, Standley Chasm was featured as part of a NAIDOC Special. The chasm, known traditionally as Angkerle Atwatye, meaning ‘Gap of Water’, brings the red/orange rock of Arrernte country to life.

SBS interviewed Arrernte woman Nova Pomare, who was born and raised nearby and now manages the site.

Thousands of visitors have booked in to experience the chasm this season and learn about the cultural background, but it wasn’t the case for the past couple years through lockdown.

Nova said, “And we are living proof here at Standley Chasm, that despite all the challenges we had, we still stood up and kept doing what we are doing and we're still here standing. And I hope we are good role models for the rest of our mob.”

Nova was approved for an IBA COVID Business Relief Package to get the business through the toughest parts of the last few years. IBA also provided a vehicle lease and funding for a communications tower, essential for running a tourist business in remote areas.

“It is an iconic tourist destination rich in traditional Aboriginal heritage and Nova is a fantastic mentor and trainer for young Indigenous workers, IBA’s Rachel Harding said.

Learn how Nova fought hard to keep this site for mob – something all can be proud of.

Read the SBS article, 'Promoting and protecting Australia's iconic Standley Chasm is a passion for Nova Pomare', or view the NAIDOC Special (link below).