The retail strategy aims to create economies of scale through a network approach to acquisitions while delivering beneficial economic outcomes for local communities.

The increase in affordability and the consistent provision of fresh and quality produce have delivered much-needed food security outcomes in regional and remote communities.

Tennant Creek IGA

Tennant Creek NT
The Tennant Creek IGA was purchased in 2008 in partnership with Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation. Julalikari represents a large number of local Indigenous groups and actively supports the community through a range of activities. As well as providing a sustainable income stream, the store is a source of employment opportunities for local people, particularly young people. It was rebranded to IGA (previously Food Barn) in 2016, delivering significant cost savings as well as improved products and services to the local community.
Merredan IGA external photo

Merredin Supa IGA

Perth, WA
The IGA supermarket was purchased in 2015 and is located in Merredin, a wheat belt town approximately 260 kilometres south-east of Perth. The supermarket comprises the business operations and the property, including the building and land at the rear of the building.. In addition to its strong trading performance, it is envisaged that the business will provide sustainable employment opportunities for local people. The business is a cornerstone investment of IBA’s grocery retail investment strategy.