Strong women need a strong support system. Sisters who back each other up, in business and in life. The Strong Women Strong Business mentorship program is the place to give support, and receive it too.

Connect with Indigenous business women, to share knowledge in navigating the path less trodden. No matter where you are in your business journey, you have wisdom to share.

Benefits of joining

  • Find a mentor, or be a mentor, (or both!)
  • Get support and advice from women who’ve been there before
  • Access tailored support to build your business skills
  • Grow your network and community of support
  • Be inspired by other Indigenous business women.

How it works

  • Register your interest and we’ll tailor the content to meet your specific stage of business, and business needs
  • Build your relationships with your peers, and through mentorship
  • Learn new business skills at your own pace
  • Get inspired and contribute to this amazing community.