IBA Investment Partnerships

IBA invests alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in commercial ventures that generate appropriate risk adjusted financial returns and positive social impacts. As at 30 June 2020, the total IBA portfolio comprised $430.7 million in investments across a range of sectors. These investments were held alongside approximately 65 Indigenous organisations from across Australia.

IBA generally seeks to invest between $2.5 million to $15 million in opportunities that result in an equity interest of at least 25%. Other key criteria for opportunities include:

  • Co-investment by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations or owned entities;
  • Must generate appropriate risk adjusted financial returns;
  • Support Indigenous employment, supply chain and other social outcomes; and
  • Provide a clear exit strategy for IBA within an agreed timeline, preferably to our Indigenous co-investors.
  • In evaluating investment opportunities, IBA will also take into consideration its strategic priorities and current portfolio composition.

For more information

Contact John Morton Head of Direct Investments  via email at John.Morton@iba.gov.au.