New beginnings and a bright future  

New beginnings and a bright future  

Posted 17 October 2022

When Elandra and Azra moved into their Rockhampton QLD home in April this year, they couldn’t be happier with their well-deserved purchase.

It was the first time the recently married couple had lived together. So reluctant were they to spend money on renting while they reached their savings goals, that Elandra continued to live with her parents and Azra boarded, until they bought their home.

a man and woman standing outside a house holding keys.

Azra and Elandra, happy at their new home.

Kabal Barada woman Elandra, who works as a Registered Nurse at an emergency medical centre says, “We got engaged and then we got to start looking for a place to live. We heard about IBA and registered an EOI.”

It was several months before they were added to the waiting list, but Elandra says that continued support from IBA throughout kept them going.

“IBA told me I had to get my savings up before I could go any further. So, then we had a goal in mind and IBA helped us with strategies to get there. IBA even checked in with us after a few months to see how we were going and trying their very best to help us reach the goals.”

They also used this time to go to open homes and see what they could buy with their budget.

The savvy couple chose a future-proofed home with lots of room to grow.

They acknowledge that IBA’s low deposit requirements helped them get the home they dreamed of. “Without IBA we would have had to wait much longer before we could buy what we wanted. With IBA we were able to buy somewhere to move right in,” says Elandra.

Elandra and Azra don’t do things by halves - and got married the same fortnight as their completion. They moved in after they got back from honeymoon and are excited with this start to begin the rest of their lives together.

“Every cent we spend is going to our mortgage. It’s really nice, knowing it’s going to our future, not paying someone else’s mortgage.

“Now we can build our lives together - and if we want to, we can build on the home.”

While the home didn’t require any immediate work, Teacher’s Aid Azra is a keen gardener and in their spare time they’re working on the outside area and making it an entertaining space.

“IBA was really helpful throughout and was really in our corner,” says Elandra. “If anyone else is thinking about buying a home through IBA I would say - go for it. We didn’t think we would get this beautiful home. If that’s your goal, you can achieve it.”