IBA acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, sea, and community. We pay our respects to them and their cultures, to the Elders past, present, and emerging.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website may contain images, names and voices of deceased people.

This user policy is in addition to any user policy or terms and conditions imposed by the LinkedIn host. As a member of the Support Hub for Indigenous Entrepreneurs (powered by IBA) LinkedIn group you may express your views, comments, ideas, insights, and criticisms about IBA.

At the same time, you should show courtesy and respect to others and must not use the group to abuse others, expose others to offensive or inappropriate content, or for any unlawful purpose.

Please be aware that IBA may change this policy at any time.

As a member of the Support Hub for Indigenous Entrepreneurs LinkedIn group, please ensure that you do:

  • keep it friendly as this group is intended to be a safe and helpful space for people to share their experiences and ask questions, no matter what their level of expertise
  • not make comments that are irrelevant to the topic being discussed
  • protect your personal privacy and that of others by not including personal information of either yourself or of others in your posts to the wall (for example, names, email addresses, private addresses, or phone numbers, account numbers or customer numbers)
  • represent your own views and not impersonate or falsely represent any other person
  • not be abusive, harass or threaten others
  • not make defamatory or libellous comments
  • not use insulting, provocative or hateful language
  • not use obscene or offensive language
  • not post material that infringes the intellectual property rights of others
  • not post multiple versions of the same view to the wall or make excessive postings on a particular issue
  • not promote commercial interests in your posts; recommending a business is fine if it is relevant to the discussion topic or if someone asks for a recommendation, but as a general rule we want to keep this group ‘ad free’
  • not make unproven or unsupported accusations against individuals or organisations
  • not encourage conduct that may or would constitute a criminal offence or give rise to civil liability, or that otherwise violates any local, provincial, national or international law or regulation anywhere in the world
  • not incite hatred on the basis of any personal characteristic, including on the basis of race, gender, marital or domestic status, disability, sexuality or age
  • not identify matters that are currently the subject of legal proceedings or would break a court’s non-publication order
  • not post spam
  • not post job ads.

While IBA does not wish to stifle conversation on social media sites, comments and messages on the Support Hub for Indigenous Entrepreneurs LinkedIn group are ‘post-moderated’ in accordance with the Australian Government Information Office Web 2.0 guidelines. Users must not post or upload any comments or links to the group page that are unlawful, or may defame, discriminate, offend, interfere with privacy or infringe copyright or other intellectual property rights. IBA reserves the right to moderate comments and may remove any comments that, in IBA’s opinion, are inappropriate.

This means that comments will be published automatically and reviewed by IBA after publication. While IBA reviews public comments on a regular basis, there may be times when inappropriate or offensive posts or comments that do not meet the terms of use appear before they can be removed.

The Australian Government and LinkedIn have strict guidelines on discrimination and intimidation. Therefore, we take a strong stance on deleting content which is discriminatory, hateful or threatening and actions which may offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate.

Where inappropriate material is identified it will be hidden from public view, however it will be retained by IBA. Comments that violate the terms of use will be removed.

IBA does not undertake to inform users when their comments and posts are moderated, however we will warn and take appropriate action to block users who regularly and consistently submit inappropriate content.

If you have any questions about this policy, please email iba_corporate@iba.gov.au.


All intellectual property rights in IBA logos, images, names, designs, trademarks and copyright vests in IBA. You agree not to remove, alter, amend or otherwise deal with any IBA intellectual property unless with our prior written consent.



IBA is subject to secrecy obligations set out in its enabling legislation, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Act 2005. Section 191 of the Act prevents certain people from divulging or communicating to any person any information concerning the affairs of another person or producing to any person any document relating to the affairs of another person unless the disclosure is authorised.


In addition to being bound by the secrecy obligations set out in the ATSI Act, IBA is also subject to the Privacy Act 1988 which requires that we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) set out in the Act. These APPs set out how Australian Government agencies should collect, store, use and disclose personal information and how individuals can access records containing their personal information.

IBA respects the privacy of all members of the Support Hub for Indigenous Entrepreneurs LinkedIn group and is committed to maintaining the privacy and accuracy of your personal information, and to protecting such information from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, alteration and destruction.

IBA does not attempt to identify users or their browsing activities, and will only collect personal identifying information that you actively and willingly provide to us yourself. We will only record your email address if you send us a message, and will only use your personal details for the purpose for which you have provided them. Only authorised personnel at IBA will be given access to information that you provide to us.

For further information on how IBA complies with the Privacy Act 1988 please read IBA's Privacy Policy.

Please be aware that what you post may remain online indefinitely and may be found through search engines and online archives.

We ask that you protect your personal privacy and the privacy of others by not posting personal information on the Support Hub for Indigenous Entrepreneurs LinkedIn group. Where possible, we will remove posts that contain personal information.

If you have a question about your personal circumstances, or want to make a formal enquiry, comment or to provide feedback to IBA, Contact Us. Users are reminded that Linkedin is a public space on the internet and interactions may be publicly viewable and searchable over time. LinkedIn provides its own disclaimers and policies on collection and use of visitor information, over which IBA has no control. IBA encourages users to familiarise themselves with the terms of use of LinkedIn before use.


Material on the Support Hub for Indigenous Entrepreneurs LinkedIn group has been submitted by users of those pages.

The information contained on Support Hub for Indigenous Entrepreneurs LinkedIn group is subject to change without notice.

Although precautions have been taken to ensure that the information is accurate, IBA does not give any guarantee, undertaking or warranty concerning the accuracy, completeness or currency of the information, and does not accept responsibility for any damages or losses suffered by you from relying on the information on this page.

IBA takes no responsibility for any damages or loss suffered if a third party uses your personal information or intellectual property without your authorisation.

IBA invites you to seek professional advice to verify the accuracy and currency of the information on this page to ensure that the information is relevant to your personal circumstances. The information provided on the page is of a general nature. The information is not tailored to your individual needs or circumstances. If you are eligible and decide to apply for financial assistance from IBA you should obtain independent financial and legal advice before acting on any information provided or signing any documentation.

IBA makes all reasonable efforts to ensure this page is permanently available for use, but does not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted service.

Links to external websites have been included for your convenience but do not constitute an endorsement by IBA of the accuracy or currency of the information and material available on those sites, or any associated organisation, product or service.

In some cases the material may incorporate or summarise views, standards or recommendations of third parties. Such material is assembled in good faith, but does not necessarily reflect the considered views of IBA, or indicate a commitment to a particular course of action. The listing of a person or organisation in any part of this page in no way implies any form of endorsement of the products or services provided by that person or organisation.

IBA respects Indigenous cultures and has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the contents of this page do not offend Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. In many areas of Indigenous Australia it is considered offensive to publish photographs or names of Aboriginal people who have recently died. Users are warned that this page may inadvertently contain such names or pictures.