Video story: Happy home owners

Video story: Happy home owners

Posted 01 November 2022

We recently caught up with South Australian home loan customers, Dylan and Jen. They were delighted to share their positive experience with IBA and what being in their own home means to their family. They wanted a bigger home for their growing family and were weary of the insecurity of renting. Since getting in touch with IBA they haven’t looked back.

"It was a real achievement to buy a house," says Jen. "And we're not just a number to them (speaking about IBA). They shared in our excitement. I'm happy, we're happy. it's exactly what we wanted."

Zakpage, a First Nations creative agency, produced this lovely video where Dylan and Jen show their home and tell their story.

Check out the gorgeous artwork Dylan stands in front of towards the end of the video. Three paintings were gifted to his parents by Warlpiri artist Aileen Long, which in turn have now been gifted to him and his siblings. So, it was an extra-special moment for Dylan when he was able to hang it in his own family home.

If like Dylan and Jen, you'd like to buy your own home, first check out IBA's free workshops to find out about budgeting and understand what it takes to start the process.